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Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts. Change language. Install Steam. Store Page. Global Achievements. So I saw a ravager with a bright blue back mutation? Can dinos spawn with wild mutations or can ravagers just have crazy colors like that because I've never seen that.

Showing 1 - 10 of 10 comments. Fuzzy View Profile View Posts. Dinosaurs don't breed in the wild. Do you ever see baby dinos in the wild? Colors of wild dinosaurs can be random, and some can look a lot like a color mutation. Thorium View Profile View Posts. Wilds can't spawn with color mutations. Possible colors may change with events like last Halloween and current Christmas.

So far i have not seen any bright colored ravager, but we also don't participate in the official Christmas event on our cluster. Colors are not completly random. They are selected randomly from a table of possible colors with the species. Last edited by Thorium ; 29 Dec, pm. It's not a Christmas one.

It's in single player I saw it, no mods. It's the first ravager I've seen with a bright color like that. Also Christmas dinos are only red and green not blue. I was asking if there was a chance of one spawning in with a mutation because I didn't think Ravagers could spawn naturally with such a crazy color.

Rock Drakes can spawn with natural mutations and I have see. Some rather oddly bright Ravagers before. Originally posted by Daedalus :. Bubblywums Jen confirmed on Twitter that Drakes have a very unlikely chance to spawn with a mutation.

That's actually awesome. I was hoping for a holiday drake and reaper but unfortunately on the dedicated I manage we're not far enough in to get them yet. I can only do it on single player but can't activate the Christmas event on single player :. We've occasionally tamed dinos that already have a mating cooldown ticking. It IS possible for dinos to mate in the wild, as I recall, or was at one point. It's just rare that they're stuck next to each other long enough for it to happen, and you never see babies because I believe they follow the same rules: feed them quick or watch them die.

That said, if the baby maturation speed is set high enough in your game, they can survive to adulthood before starving in some cases. In one of my SP games, I would just leave my favorite raptor breeding pair on wander in a mating box and totally forget about them.

Periodically I'd come back to base to find they'd mated, laid an egg, the egg had hatched raptors are all-terrain, I guessand there'd be an unclaimed adult raptor just running around on wander So yes, I'd totally believe that a wild ravager could have a color mutation. I'm more curious to know whether it still just says "wild ancestors" in the center or whether you've got "ravager level x" on either side of the family tree.Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts.

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Store Page. Global Achievements. Hey ARK fans! Showing 1 - 9 of 9 comments. No, you cant spawn in mutated dinos but you can use admin commands and the settargetdinocolor command to change a sabers colors if you were to spawn one and tame it.

If you are just wanting to color them here use this link for the command lines. You could change the rates for incubation and growth to pretty much instantanious, not exactly what you need but should get you few gens of mutated dinos really fast, also combine it with slomo 10 or something. I'm curious to know how it ended :P.

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View mobile website.Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts. Change language. Install Steam. Store Page. Global Achievements. Jack View Profile View Posts. Well, Ive seen some post about breeding and mutations. Some people were blessed or cursed with some intense neon colors. But the more you inbreed the higher the first number gets. I wonder what this means. Why does the first number keep increasing anyway since i only have seen 4 mutaded stats on those guys. I ve yet to breed a color mutation.

Do you guys know what speed up this proces? If you are working with this or have information in depth on this topic please leave a reply.

ARK Survival Evolved: Breeding Mutations

Showing 1 - 15 of 22 comments. Tanchyon View Profile View Posts. Hmmm interesting you sure must be doing a lot of breeding. Slowpoker View Profile View Posts. Originally posted by Jack :. Last edited by Slowpoker ; 30 Dec, am. Amberose View Profile View Posts.

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A tribemate of mine just bred 2 wild tamed doeds and got magenta twins. Last edited by Amberose ; 1 Jan, am. I am sooo breeding with one of those twins when they grow up gonna see if I can get mutation colors for the spots and belly make super bright babies.

Kitty View Profile View Posts. Well if all else fails you can just paint them. Natjur View Profile View Posts.

ark mutation colors

A dino can only have 20 inherited mutations BUT ancestral line mutation count is wrong If you have a 3 baby dinos with the one mutation, if you breed them together, they still only have the one mutation they started with but the count goes to 2 so the stats and colours are exactly the same, but the mutation count went up So if no new mutations get added to the offspring, they still only have 1 out of 20 mutations, but the ancestral line will show 2 1 from each parent, even tho its the same mutation on both and the child only got 1 mutation from them Repeat this a lot, and you can get the mutation count in the ancestral line well above 20 even tho the baby may have a little as one 'real' mutation.

Last edited by Natjur ; 15 Jan, pm. Originally posted by Natjur :. I got 2 mutations on one wolf A color of half red half black and an obscene amount of weight the wolf as fresh adult had over Giggles View Profile View Posts.

I'll try to post a picture tomorrow. Ertosi View Profile View Posts. Per page: 15 30 By rossyJanuary 18, in General Discussion. Looking to see what awesome colour mutations everyone has got. Time to show off those dino's we all been breeding for months. Well, since I'm no fan of the neon colours that seem to be the most common, I've only kept one mutation so far and it's my smurf anky I'm hoping to get a black mutation or something as I think it would match the blue quite nicely :.

This baby anky died almost immediately disliked the colour and he got a mutation in the wrong stat :. This was not on an official server. I was just toying around on a non dedicated with the mating rate and mature rate up. I wasn't sure what mutations were but then I came home to that guy. It occurs from inbreeding. Also, you can't paint half of a Dino. Im not a fan of the neon colors either for the most part which is why I premised mine with saying they were unique but not best.

I also prefer darker colors and hope to get more slate or black colored allo's.

ark mutation colors

My fav is still the Red and grey allow of all the ones I have hatched so far. I am working on Allos again with hopes of getting some cool mutations. Just so you guys know, i would keep the colour mutations you don't like for the purpose of trading them to other people who might have the mutation you want in trade. With that i love the posts these are awesome mutations. Ill post my mutated ptera's when i get the chance.

No pic, but i managed to hatch a Thorny Dragon that had its back scaling mutate to a moss green-like color.

‘Ark: Survival Evolved’ Breeding Guide: Stats & Mutations Explained, How To Breed The Best Dinos

My Therizino lvl - he got a yellow front and back. I agree with the above, please don't kill your unwanted color mutations. Others will buy them and it can really REALLY make their day to get a new color mutation in their collection of dinosaurs. Here are some of my favorites. These were from a group effort in a tribe of 4, so I can't take full credit for any of them!

She looks white but she's a really pale gray. Next to a white rex she is much darker in color. The red and green are mutations.Mutations are random stat boosts and color changes applied to offspring when breeding tamed creatures. For further insights see the External links section. For each offspring up to three mutations can occur, each with a 2.

ark mutation colors

If multiple mutations occur, they may affect the same or different stats. The probability for at least one mutation in an offspring whose parents both have less than 20 matrilineal and patrilineal mutations is 7. The probability for at least one mutation in an offspring whose "better stat" parent has 20 or more mutations is 3. The probability for at least one mutation in an offspring whose "worse stat" parent has 20 or more mutations is 4.

The probability for at least one mutation in an offspring whose parents have equal stats and one of which has more than 20 mutations is 3.

Stat mutations are determined and applied in the following steps from the code at [1] :. Many write-ups regarding mutations will mention "mutating a stat on a parent" or similar language, which may be confusing if you are new to breeding. The mutation mechanic assigns one of the parents as the source of a mutation, but it is not actually mutating the parent creature. See the Mutation Counters section for more details and also the code at [1]. This step along with the next three are repeated for three iterations.

A single stat is selected for possible Mutation. Only stats which can be leveled up for the species will be selected. This is a completely independent check from the initial stat assignmentmeaning that the father might have provided the offspring's initial melee stat, but the mother is the source of a mutation to it. If the source of the mutation has reached the 20 mutation limit, then this mutation chance is lost and a new iteration if any are left begins at 2.

See the section below on mutation Stacking for more information about breeding maximum stats. If the "source" parent is valid, then the 2. If this check fails, this mutation iteration is complete and a new iteration if any are left begins at 2.

Additionally, a random mutation to a color region will occur. This color mutation may not be obvious due to it resulting in a very similar color to one of the parents, or due to the algorithm choosing a color region not used by the species.

According to the code at [1]any of the 56 colors can be selected for the resulting Mutated color. However other testing from [3] appears to show a bias for the brighter Color IDs of Regardless of whether or not a mutation occurred, the process is repeated twice more. The Ancestry screen for each creature shows a mutation counter on both the Matrilineal mother's and Patrilineal father's side.

These numbers do not show the actual mutations on the creature. Rather, they are a combination of the parents' mutation counters plus any actual mutations expressed when the baby was hatched.

Without knowing details of the ancestry of a particular creature, it is impossible to tell how many actual mutations have been a carried forward from a parent or b expressed at birth though with some reverse-engineering it is possible to make some guesses.

Wild creatures begin with zero mutations on both sides. Baby tame creatures from breeding, not from stolen eggs e. Wyvern inherit a base mutation counter value from each parent. Additionally, if Step 4 above results in a mutation on a baby's stat, the mutation counter for the source of the mutation is increased.

Note - previous writeup said that only Patrilinial number matterd for fathers, and only Matrilineal number mattered for mothers, but this is contradicted by the code. Here is an example showing some possible mutation counter results for Mutated and non-Mutated babies:.

Because the mutation count is stored as a signed bit integer it's possible that mutation counters will be expressed as a negative number.

This happens when the count would have exceeded 2,By LouiOctober 29, in General Discussion. Does anyone know the full list of colors you can get on mutations?

Someone is trying to trade me a mut Twyla and I'm not sure if orange is a color you can get. A list of possible colors would be nice. Mutated colorations can be that of any color pallet including the species own originally available colors. Red, green, blue, yellow, cyan, and magenta color mutations are highly sought after. Many breeders will try to eradicate any color mutations from the gene pool to prevent the undesired color from being passed on through the gene pool.

That is from the wiki page.

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I have also gotten orange before in mutations myself. Is there a tool to preview the various colors on dinos out there? In other words a way to see how a dinos would look with various colors on the different regions? Cant think of any tools other than hoping on single player and using a couple of admin commands.

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Is quiet easy to do once you get used to admin comands. As far as i know SP is the only way to do it but you can look up the color IDs and region codes for each dino and see what you got. Guess I need to check out single player. As well as no orange.

Thanks guys for the info! General Discussion. Start new topic. Recommended Posts. Posted October 29, Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. Posted October 30, Go To Topic Listing. Sign In Sign Up.I just added it to wiki so that everyone can improve it with their own advice, experiences, and results.

Whenever you breed two dinos, you have a chance currently observed as 2. It does not make a difference if these two dinos are bred dinos or fresh tamed wild dinos, it's the same chance for all. Before you start saying "but I've seen one without the other before," finish reading the guide. A stat mutation happens before Stat Selection. The end result, is a baby with stats identical to recorded stats you have on file, regardless of seeing a new point in it's Mutation Score. Crappy, right? A parent can mutate a stat on the other parent.

This is something I haven't seen discussed much before, but it's very relevant and we'll discuss why in a bit. A mutation is not inherently guaranteed to actually mean an increase on the dino that gained the Mutation Score. This plays a very important part in to Mutation Stacking. A Color Mutation will always accompany the Stat Mutation.

This is important to understand, because if you see a new color, it means a stat went up somewhere in there even if you can't see it which doesn't really matter for future breeding but more importantly, if a stat went up there's a color mutation in there somewhere which DOES matter for future breeding.

The reason for this is because and this is based on all evidence shown so far colors, unlike stats, can hide as a dormant attribute on a baby. What we've seen in testing, is that colors seem to pull from a bloodline in weird ways, unlike stats; stats are ALWAYS pulled directly from two parents stat lines and never from further back on a bloodline.

However, we HAVE found a baby to show colors NOT found on two of the parents previously, with no new Mutation Score points to be seen - implying the only conclusion, which is that a color was "hiding" in the tree somewhere and decided to show itself.

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Again, testing colors is a lot more difficult than testing stats as there are no numbers involved with it, but this has been proven accurate on several trials. Also, contrary to the Wiki entry, color mutations always pull from a list of specific color options.

The Wiki states that a color mutation can be "any color allowed on the dino in question for that region" which we can safely attest as being incorrect. There are a clear selection of colors associated with mutations, which also include some tricky ones like black, white, gray and brown, but never seem to pull from "boring" colors normally found on the dino.

He has two mutations in Melee and one in HP. What happened here? Well, as said the Mutation Scores pass on regardless. This is nothing to brag about, it actually usually means your dino is just shit.

The only way to usually reach scores like that is by breeding two high Mutation Score parents. The reason this sucks, is because two parents with maxed out Mutation Scores can't breed any new mutations.

This is Mutation Stacking. This works, we've done it. Several times. I will continue attempting to see mutations myself in this range but I have never personally seen it. There is no hard cap on mutating, the only limitation is time. It's possible. It just takes a really, really long time.

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