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Phasor measurement units PMUs and its measured synchrophasors make a valuable contribution to the dynamic monitoring of transient processes in energy supply systems. This fast monitoring system detects the events and trends in grids with fluctuating load flows or highly loaded lines which conventional systems cannot detect at all or can detect too late.

Phasor measurement units PMUs measure current and voltage by amplitude and phase at selected stations of the transmission system. The high-precision time synchronization via GPS allows comparing measured values synchrophasors from different substations far apart and drawing conclusions as to the system state and dynamic events such as power swing conditions.

It helps with quick recognition of the current network situation and indicates both power swings and transient phenomena, transparently as well as instantly. Replication of the respective network topology is not required. The tool supports control center personnel in assessing critical grid situations and contributes to the taking of suitable action. As all measured results are stored, power system disturbances can be promptly analyzed.

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These values get a high precision time stamp and together with the values of power frequency, power frequency change rate and optional binary data that are also time stamped are transmitted to a central analysis station.

The PMU obtains the measured values from the measuring points and the precise time from time synchronization. The time-stamped synchrophasors for current and voltage are formed from this and transferred together with additional values via the communication module to a server PDC, Phasor Data Concentrator.

The power frequency, the power frequency change rate and optional binary information are also transmitted as time-stamped measured values.

Therefore, you receive an overview of the transient processes in a distributed energy transfer system, for example network fluctuations and compensating processes.

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The following table shows the differences between the PMU measured values and the remaining measured values of the device. The following figure shows the structure of such a wide area monitoring system. The phasor-measurement units each have 2 communication interfaces: an Ethernet module for synchrophasor communication via IEEE C The central evaluation system, e. In this system, a self-checking function may also be performed, for example, on undamped power swings.

The further distribution of information to other PDCs or to a control station is done here. Therefore, the device must be directly synchronized with a GPS precise time signal for the correct function of the PMU. The number of phasors that are transmitted per second is configurable. The reporting rate defines the number of phasors that are transmitted per second.

Extremely precise time synchronization is essential so that phasor measurement can be carried out to enable phasors from different sites to be compared. Reporting rate You use the configurable reporting rate to specify the number of telegrams that are compiled and sent to the PDC per second.

It is adjustable, depending on the rated frequency, and applies to all currents and voltages of the relevant PMU function group. If several PMU function groups are created on the device, these can work with different reporting rates. The TVE describes the error between the actual and the measured values of the input signal.

The following figure graphically represents the total vector error. As well as the amplitude, the TVE also enters into the angle error.Premarin is a very common drug prescribed to millions of women worldwide as a hormone replacement therapy. The horses used to produce this drug are referred to as "PMU" horses, for short.

pmu company

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Phasor measurement unit (PMU)

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All of these problems can be solved by using intelligent power management units PMUs. Our newly developed PMU unit is at the forefront of technology. It provides 16 high current outputs and use of multiple units if more outputs are required.

PMU software package One of the main advantages of the PMU is continuous current sensing and self-resetting function if the current exceeds a defined level. All output state, voltage and current information can be logged and transmitted via a CAN bus to dash displays to inform drivers of potential problems.

An additional advantage of the PMU system is the ability to define logic for controlling outputs. This is done with data from analog input channels or CAN bus data, and math operations can be defined for each channel. With use of CAN bus keypads or steering wheel switches, all wiring is vastly simplified and lightened. The device is manufactured on an automated assembly line with optical inspection, and automated testing including burn-in.

The PCB material and design, special surface coating and IP60 enclosure ensure reliability even in the harshest environments. Outputs may be paired to increase continuous current capability. PMU Decades ago, the critical electronic components in a race car were the ignition coil and points.

PMU Company concept

Download Files PMU software package All Rights Reserved. Current and voltage is measured for each output.Reference No. The Federal Government of Nigeria, through the Transmission Company of Nigeria TCN is taking steps to improve the quality and reliability of electricity supply within the country and other customers outside the country while striving to ensure the sustainability of the entire operations of the electricity industry.

This is aimed at boosting economic activities through availability of reliable energy to power homes and business activities and to bridge the gap in the demand for electricity required by the huge commercial activities in the immediate environs of the selected project locations. In order to maintain the transmission grid integrity, they are required to function effectively in team setting with the maintenance group.

Maintenance engineer, on the other hand, would require accurate reporting and first hand analysis of events and equipment performance by the Operator to enable him undertake accurate assessment of failures. Thus, a veritable ground for interface has to be established such that the latter would be suited to perform his role in a manner that appropriately complements the former. This calls for a renewed strategy in capacity building. This Training scheme is to introduce the young electrical engineers in TCN to wide ranging competencies critical to transmission system maintenance, operations and management.

To introduce the young electrical engineers to the wide-ranging competencies critical to effective and efficient operations, maintenance and management of the ever expanding and increasingly sophisticated power grid network bearing in mind that most of these Engineers have prior to now receive one form of training or the other.

At the end of the course, participants should be able to analyze, design and apply Directional and Distance protection schemes and perform Shot Circuit Analysis. Participants should also be able to assess transformer and switchgear performance, Lines maintenance, carry out inspections and rudimentary maintenance checks; undertake inspections of power system auxiliary equipment and advise on performance.

This program aims at training the Maintenance Engineers in those Regions to enable them perform their functions as expected. The Trainers will spend two 2 weeks in each of the nine Regions and the training of the three Departments will run concurrently.

In fact, depending on the number of facilitators the training can hold in two or three regions at the same time. The trainers are to bring their test equipment but use TCN machineries for demonstration purpose.

At the end of the exercise a few Engineers that have shown outstanding performance would be drawn from all the regions to be trained on more advanced topics and they will constitute a task team that could be called upon in times of dire need.

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No of Participants : in 9 Regions Averagely 22 per Region. Objective : At the end of the course, participants should be able to analyze, design and apply power system protection schemes. The training will cover proper relay maintenance, specific test procedures, and detailed adjustment and calibration procedures utilizing state-of-the-art relay test sets.

No of Participants : in 9 Regions Averagely 29 per Region. Objective : Participants should be able to assess transformer and switchgear performance, carry out installation, maintenance and testing; undertake inspections of power system auxiliary equipment and advise on their performance.

Participants will understand applicable testing standards. Objective : At the end of the course, participants should be able to analyze, design and apply Directional and Distance protection schemes and perform Short Circuit Analysis. Relay maintenance, specific test procedures including impedance reach testing, and detailed adjustment and calibration procedures utilizing state of the art relay test equipment.

Participants will understand applicable testing standards, what test result information should be recorded, and what hand tools are necessary for proper relay adjustment and calibration. Objective : Participants should understand the components of power transformers, including common insulating and cooling mediums, and explains common transformer configurations, transformer testing, transformer oil testing, switchgear performance, carry out inspections and rudimentary maintenance checks; undertake inspections of power system auxiliary equipment and advice on their performance.

The participants should be able to carry out accurate substation earth testing. No of Participants : in 9 Regions Averagely 28 per Region. Objective : Participants should be able to assess the causes of system collapse, transmission circuit calculation, fault location on power system network, carry out line maintenance and testing; undertake line patrol and treatment of hot spot.

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Time synchronization is usually provided by GPS and allows synchronized real-time measurements of multiple remote points on the grid. PMUs are capable of capturing samples from a waveform in quick succession and reconstructing the phasor quantity, made up of an angle measurement and a magnitude measurement.

The resulting measurement is known as a synchrophasor. PMUs can also be used to measure the frequency in the power grid. A typical commercial PMU can report measurements with very high temporal resolution in the order of measurements per second.

This helps engineers in analyzing dynamic events in the grid which is not possible with traditional SCADA measurements that generate one measurement every 2 or 4 seconds.

Therefore, PMUs equip utilities with enhanced monitoring and control capabilities and are considered to be one of the most important measuring devices in the future of power systems. InCharles Proteus Steinmetz presented a paper on simplified mathematical description of the waveforms of alternating current electricity. Steinmetz called his representation a phasor. Arun G. Phadke and Dr.

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James S. We therefore refer to synchronized phasor measurements as synchrophasors. With the increasing growth of distributed energy resources on the power grid, more observability and control systems will be needed to accurately monitor power flow.

pmu company

Historically, power has been delivered in a uni-directional fashion through passive components to customers, but now that customers can generate their own power with technologies such as solar PV, this is changing into a bidirectional system for distribution systems. With this change it is imperative that transmission and distribution networks are continuously being observed through advanced sensor technology, such as ——PMUs and uPMUs.

In simple terms, the public electric grid that a power company operates was originally designed to take power from a single source: the operating company's generators and power plants, and feed it into the grid, where the customers consume the power.

Now, some customers are operating power generating devices solar panels, wind turbines, etc. Depending on the region, feeding power back into the grid may be done through net metering.

Because of this process, voltage and current must be measured and regulated in order to ensure the power going into the grid is of the quality and standard that customer equipment expects as seen through metrics such as frequency, phase synchronicity, and voltage.

If this is not done, as Rob Landley puts it, "people's light bulbs start exploding. The A in this function is a scalar value, that is most often described as voltage or current magnitude for PMU measurements.

In most cases PMUs only measure the voltage magnitude and the phase angle, and assume that the angular frequency is a constant. Because this frequency is assumed constant, it is disregarded in the phasor measurement.

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The less sinusoidal the waveform is, such as grid behavior during a voltage sag or fault, the worse the phasor representation becomes. The analog AC waveforms detected by the PMU are digitized by an analog-to-digital converter for each phase. A phase-locked oscillator along with a Global Positioning System GPS reference source provides the needed high-speed synchronized sampling with 1 microsecond accuracy.

However, PMUs can take in multiple time sources including non-GPS references as long as they are all calibrated and working synchronously. The resultant time-stamped phasors can be transmitted to a local or remote receiver at rates up to samples per second. Being able to see time synchronized measurements over a large area is helpful in examining how the grid operates at large, and determining which parts of the grid are affected by different disturbances.

These were simply coarser devices installed to prevent catastrophic blackouts. Now, with the invention of micro-synchronous phasor technology, many more of them are desired to be installed on distribution networks where power can be monitored at a very high degree of precision. This high degree of precision creates the ability to drastically improve system visibility and implement smart and preventative control strategies.

No longer are PMUs just required at sub-stations, but are required at several places in the network including tap-changing transformers, complex loads, and PV generation buses. While PMUs are generally used on transmission systemsnew research is being done on the effectiveness of micro-PMUs for distribution systems.